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Wyk shaftless printing slotting machine control system introduction

this machine is a new generation of high-performance corrugated box forming equipment of Hubei Jingshan Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., which can complete the paperboard printing, pressing, slotting, corner cutting, punching and other processes at one time. It is widely applicable to the cartoning operation of three, five and seven layers of corrugated board. It is one of the ideal follow-up supporting equipment for the corrugated board production line

the whole machine is controlled by PROFIBUS field bus technology, with friendly man-machine interface

microcomputer multi order management, number storage, call at any time, PLC control, automatic order change

each unit adopts imported servo motor to drive independently without shaft synchronous transmission. There is no transmission interference between units. It can be automatically corrected to make the transmission more stable

printing method, equipped with the best dust suction and paper scraps removal device, making the printing clear and intuitive

wyk shaftless Sun Yan pointed out that the printing slotting machine

is equipped with a printing plate quick hanging system, which is convenient and fast for changing plates

the paper pusher is driven by an independent servo motor and guided by a ball spline pair. The paper pusher is light and flexible, and can stably complete the paper feeding at high speed

all clearance adjustments are driven by the imported reducer, and the digital display adjusts the clearance

advanced ink supply device, automatic circulation, no ink alarm, automatic cleaning, short ink change time

the multi-level crimping structure greatly improves the quality of crimping and optimizes the forming effect of cartons by changing the formula

precise axial adjustment device for printing roller, driven by imported motor, the main parameters include: benzene homologues, organic chlorides, freon series, organic ketones, amines, alcohols, ethers, esters, acids and petroleum hydrocarbon compounds

the cutter set is guided by the moving linear guide rail, driven by the ball screw, and driven by the imported reducer. The program setting is completed automatically and can be adjusted manually

phase adjustment servo control, parameter adjustment and automatic correction in case of deviation

box height adjustment is driven by imported motor, and program control is automatically completed

speed display device to visually reflect working conditions

photoelectric counting device, which correctly accumulates the number of produced cardboard sheets

the riverside economic development zone is the export base of new chemical materials in Changzhou City

high precision ceramic ink flower wheel can be configured as required

it can be equipped with a buckle device according to user requirements

the front end of the paper feeding section can be equipped with a semi-automatic paper feeder to complete the automatic paper feeding function

waste paper discharge device and automatic stacking unit can be added at the rear end of the slotting part

it can be combined with automatic folding gluing machine and strapping machine to form a line to complete one-time forming of cartons

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