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Introduction to the application scope of screw extrusion granulator

I. overview of screw granulator: in the dispersion where solid powder coexists with liquid and mainly consists of solid phase, the basic particles of solid powder can be bonded and increased by means of forced means (such as extrusion, but the increase of quantity can not guarantee the synchronous improvement of quality, such as gravity, centrifugal force, mechanical force, air impact force, etc.). And form a certain shape and uniform particle size, concentrated particle group. The complete wet granulation plant is mainly composed of mixing (kneading), granulation, drying and auxiliary system equipment. After the powder is mixed (kneaded), it enters the granulator to form a wet product with the required particle size, which is dried to obtain a granular finished product, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation

II. AKRO's global production capacity has reached 150000 tons. Application scope: it is widely used in rubber additives, food additives, plastic additives, powdered activated carbon, catalysts, feed, pesticides, dyes, pigments, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other industries that need granulation

III. main advantages: 1. Compact structure and convenient operation. The national standard cycloid needle gear or planetary Wo gear reducer with PSD value (g2/hz) at the lower limit frequency (FO) is adopted, with large output torque. 2. According to customer requirements, constant speed output, variable frequency speed regulation, electro-magnetic speed regulation, mechanical speed regulation and other stepless speed regulation methods can be adopted. 3. The extrusion force is balanced, and the particle strength is high. 4. The particle size can be easily changed by changing the template. 5. Wide application Vulnerable parts are easy to replace and clean

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