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Introduction to PDM system of Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.

the implementation of PDM system is an important measure for the company to consolidate the enterprise information infrastructure of Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. Making good use of PDM system is not only a great leap forward in the informatization of Shanghai diesel, but also can greatly improve the design and supporting efficiency of our company. However, there is still a long way to go to promote and improve. It is a long way to go. I will go up and down to find out

Company Profile:

Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. is one of the national super large enterprises. The first domestically designed 6135 diesel engine was born here, creating a precedent for the manufacturing of medium power high-speed diesel engines in China. It mainly produces four series (135, g128121, D114) and thousands of varieties of diesel engines and their accessories. The company has about 5000 employees, and the annual output of diesel engines has increased by more than 40% every year in recent years. In 2002, it produced 47000 diesel engines, and in 2003, 70000 diesel engines. It is estimated that the output in 2004 will reach 100000

the company adjusted its production and operation structure and organizational structure according to the results of two McKinsey consultations and the market situation of substantial increase in output. The ultimate goal is to complete the transformation from Shangchai to collectivization

the company has changed from large-scale and comprehensive production of various parts to the production of only key parts. It purchases large quantities of parts, organizes production mainly by assembly, strengthens quality awareness and quality control, and improves the functions of branches and subsidiaries. In order to adapt to the requirements of rapid response to the market, the company delegated the functions of diesel engine support to the branch, shortened the communication and cooperation time between the support engineers and the production site, and enabled the support engineers to contact the production front line faster, understand the production information faster, and meet the needs of production expansion

informatization background:

Shangchai has introduced CAD application since 1995. Kmcad of Kaimu company is used as the design software of process documents, and AutoCAD and intecad of Tianyu software company are used as two-dimensional CAD design software, so that the design and process engineers can get rid of the plates and improve the work efficiency. Furthermore, due to the high requirements of diesel engine prototype design and mold processing, the pro/e software of PTC company is used as the three-dimensional CAD design software

like the situation encountered by most companies, after the application of CAD software, there are many problems, such as disordered management of technical documents, no necessary connection between product structure and documents, and difficult document change and version control. The design process also lacks project management and concurrent design. The collaborative work in product design is poor and the error rate is high

in terms of information construction, Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. used to have a strong development ability, but it can also become a single space development force. It has independently developed multiple modules of MRP software for enterprise applications and implemented them in the company and branches. At the initial stage of implementation, it has been applied well and brought into play certain benefits. However, because the data source problem has not been solved, the accuracy of product BOM has not reached the expected range, and some difficulties have been encountered in the later implementation

in order to comply with the requirements of the company's reform process and promote the company's information construction, it is more urgent to learn from the experience and lessons of the company's information construction in previous years to better solve the standardization of data sources. In the first half of 2002, Shangchai started to select the product data management system. In the second half of 2002, the Windchill software of PTC company was determined as the product data management system software of Shangchai company. The formal project implementation started in 2003, and the implementation of multiple modules including document management module, parts process management module, change management and configuration management module is now widely involved

implementation process:

pdm system implementation enterprises should always stand as the main body. Enterprises should establish a strong implementation group, and this group should play a leading role throughout the implementation process. Both consulting companies and software suppliers play the role of consultants. Without a consulting company, software suppliers will better understand the products, processes and operating conditions of the enterprise than the employees of the enterprise. Consulting companies and software suppliers may be good partners, but they cannot always support the enterprise. They will leave with the completion of the project; It is also impossible to replace enterprise decision-making. Their job is to analyze problems and make suggestions. At most, they develop software to help implement. They have no obligation to solve the management or business problems involved in the system

within the company, we have established a project leading group and a project implementation group headed by the deputy general manager of technology. The members of the project leading group are the leaders of the technical line and the heads of the management information department. The implementation team pays attention to business priority, with the deputy director of the technology center as the group leader and the deputy director of the management information department as the Deputy group leader. The members of the implementation team are composed of some members of these two departments and the chief engineer's office

before the implementation of the project, the project leading group and the implementation group had a detailed discussion on some rules that must be understood by the enterprise in implementing the PDM system, such as parts and document coding, data structure, drawing arrangement, version upgrading rules, process simplification and adjustment, etc. the leaders of relevant departments unified their ideas and formed the PDM work standards for guiding the implementation of the PDM system in the future

in this way, we have actually done a good job of internal demand research and unified the idea of implementing PDM. Next, the demand survey of software suppliers is much more convenient. As enterprises and software suppliers discuss the scope, objectives and development contents of the project, they will start the process of secondary development

demand research is a very important link, which is easily ignored by enterprises. The normal practice is to invite a third-party consulting company to do it. The enterprise sends relevant departments to participate, and the software supplier can also participate. In this way, the demand survey is over, and the general framework of the software is completed. If the software is a formed product, the software company also needs to evaluate the amount of secondary development according to the results of the demand survey, and negotiate with the enterprise about the most urgent problems that must be secondary development; Those can be solved by management means, etc

the initial implementation of product data management should go through data sorting and software testing. The content of data collation involves the historical data (BOM structure) and historical documents of the enterprise. The historical data of our company is relatively comprehensive, so there is a lot of work on data import and export and data proofreading, which also takes a lot of energy from the business department; For the collection of historical documents, we used the incentive method to collect a relevant technical document for a small reward. Through this method, we finally completed the collation and proofreading of the data of the new product D114, and imported the data into the system through the methods provided by the software supplier

for software testing, we adopt the method that members of the project team test for the first time and business personnel test for the second time. We hope that through the two tests, the main goal is to increase the variety, improve the quality and economic benefits, try to find out the unreasonable places in the software, reduce the problems in the software before the actual application, and try to be close to the needs of the actual business, so as to reduce the resistance from the software during the promotion

the product data management and promotion process should go through the thought transformation. The new design and supporting methods should be accepted by the employees. The work should be organized based on the electronic documents. Each relevant employee should receive the PDM software and check the tasks in his own worksheet every day. It is really a difficult project. The operation mode of every enterprise has inertia. New enterprises may be smaller, while state-owned enterprises like Shangchai, which has a history of decades, have a very large inertia. In such an environment, to promote the application of PDM requires strong support from enterprise leaders to leaders of relevant departments, and enterprise leaders need to provide corresponding policy support

during the promotion period, our company carried out about 300 person times of PDM training, repeatedly explained the principle and concept of PDM, combined with specific examples, and set up a test training server for employees to practice. In addition, an assessment mechanism has been set up to link the PDM Application of each department with the income of the Department and conduct monthly assessment. Also check the task completion of each person through the monthly system operation report, and add a monitoring mechanism

through the above implementation measures, the PDM system can take root and blossom in Shangchai, a state-owned enterprise with a long history, and expect to receive fruitful results

system application:

windchill system application has many module functions, which functions are specifically required and which functions are required to be developed according to the needs of the enterprise. Generally speaking, the basic function modules include: user and authority management module, document creation module, visualization module, borrowing management module, parts structure and configuration management module, storage management module, life cycle and signing process module, change management module, etc

through the user permission module, our company has set up multiple user groups according to the internal organization of the company. According to the permission setting method in Windchill, the permissions established in the domain are set to different folders and file cabinets to manage the permissions of objects by classification

through the document creation module, three categories of documents and thirty categories of documents are established

through the visualization module, different icons are used to distinguish the drawing documents entering the PDM system, so that a variety of drawing documents entering the system can be browsed and annotated through the ProductView tool provided by the system. For 3D documents converted into the system, ProductView tool can also perform sectioning, measurement, quality calculation, etc

through the borrowing management module, users without permission can apply for borrowing if they need to view documents. The borrowing process of users needs to be approved by the department leader first. If the department leader judges that the document belongs to the Department, he can approve it directly; If the leader of the Department judges that the document belongs to another department, he or she will transfer the document to the leader of another department for approval

through the component structure and configuration management module, you can create, modify, delete and revise the products and components that are included in the system management; And establish and maintain the connection between parts and related documents

through the storage management module, multiple public file cabinets and personal file cabinets are set up for each user according to the category of documents and parts

through the life cycle and sign off process module, the parts and components that can meet the requirements of highly smooth, transparent and high-precision medical blood test tubes that enter the system and the drawing document objects are approved. According to the company's parts and drawing document process standard, so far, a total of 16 parts object and document life cycles and 15 workflows have been established

through the change management module, the change management and version upgrade management of parts and drawing document objects are realized. The record of change reasons makes the context of each change have rules to follow

the above briefly introduces the original functions of Windchill. These functions achieve the basic architecture of the product management system, but each company has its own characteristics and needs. This requires us to improve and supplement the software according to the characteristics of the company. The following describes

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