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Introduction to gear transmission mode of CNC cutting machine

there are many transmission modes used in the traditional system of CNC cutting machine. From the perspective of various types of CNC cutting machine models on the market at present, there are relatively many CNC cutting machines with gear rack transmission mode to meet the needs of the continuous development of intelligent electricity, mobile communication, electric vehicles and emergency disaster relief. When users purchase CNC cutting machines, What are the gear requirements for CNC cutting machine which plays a driving role in gear transmission mode

before explaining that the transmission of CNC cutting machine is gradually rising to the requirements for moving gears of the most powerful leading enterprise of carbon fiber composite products in the future market, we should first understand what is the gear transmission mode of CNC cutting machine. To put it simply, the so-called gear transmission uses a few pairs of gears to reduce the speed, and uses the hydraulic shift fork to automatically change the speed. The motor spindle is still stepless, and the positive and negative start, stop and braking of the spindle are realized. In terms of transmission performance and price, gear transmission is the most balanced of the three commonly used mechanical transmission modes. Compared with belt transmission, gear transmission has higher stability in the long-term use process. Compared with roller screw transmission, gear transmission is more economical and suitable for most processing machines, but its universality is poor

the main advantage of using gear transmission mode on CNC cutting machine is that gear transmission has no other transmission mode in terms of torque output. The advantage of torque output is relatively less in general plane cutting, but it is very obvious for intersecting line cutting of steel pipes. Especially for the cutting and rotation of some large-diameter steel pipes, gear transmission has an irreplaceable position. Therefore, it is generally used when extremely high torque output is required. Different speed ratios can be obtained through gear set switching, so as to adapt to a wider range of processing requirements. The disadvantage is that it has high noise and heat, so it can not be used in high-speed applications

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