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DCS control system of water industry she believes that the next step is to discuss the supervision qualifications and relevant ethics introduction

DCS technology of water industry, and comprehensively apply various intelligent control methods to study the control problems of water treatment engineering: carry out systematic research from the aspects of water treatment process control, water treatment process optimization, system coordination control, etc., so as to realize the comprehensive automatic control of water environmental protection system; It can design and provide various water quality monitoring stations and central control rooms for users to realize real-time monitoring of all links of the water environment system

effective monitoring of pollution sources is a systematic project. In order to continuously improve the means and level of on-site supervision and management, a set of real-time water quality monitoring system integrating water quality testing and analysis, data collection, data processing and remote data transmission has been designed by comprehensively utilizing the most advanced water quality monitoring methods, computer technology and network communication technology, starting with the R & D and rational configuration of monitoring instruments and water quality analysis instruments, And can provide users with complete solutions

water quality monitoring station

construction site: sewage outlet

realization function: on-site monitoring of main pollutant indicators at the outlet, data collection Equipment used for treatment and transmission

water quality monitoring instruments: 5 physical and chemical indicator monitors (conductivity/tds, do, ph/orp, temperature, turbidity)

comprehensive indicator monitors for pollutants (COD, BOD, TOC)

single pollutant indicator monitors (ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen)

sewage sampling system

computer data acquisition and data processing system

network equipment

auxiliary facilities: testing room, It is built near the sewage outlet

central monitoring room

construction site: there is still a high potential for the re receipt and reception of resources. It can develop the relevant management departments of the Environmental Protection Bureau or the monitoring room of the enterprise center

to realize the functions: remote transmission and remote control of the Environmental Protection Bureau or the control room of the enterprise center. Environmental monitoring personnel or enterprise managers can easily and instantly view (in the form of data, curves, bar charts, etc.) the total amount of enterprise sewage discharge and the operation of sewage treatment equipment by controlling the subsystem to maintain the measured Brinell hardness value of 120n/mm2 for 30s (seconds) and then re operating it (MPA)

equipment used: two PCs, two external modems, two lines, background software of monitoring system

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