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Book binding technology operation III

III. finishing after binding and binding the book block

the book block enters the glue after matching and pasting. When customers buy the experimental machine, they must carefully consider that the treatment before binding is a process that can not be ignored in the binding process. The flatness and tightness of the book stickers have a direct impact on the normal operation of the binding production line and the quality of the finished book. If the book stickers are not leveled, tied or compacted, they will be turned to back milling and slotting. Then the semi-finished products with such quality defects must be uneven after being clamped by the book clip in the binding machine, the milling cutter is not in place, and the depth of the back slotting is not good enough, After binding, there will be many quality problems such as off page, loose page, empty back and wrinkled back. Therefore, the finishing work of book 28 (5) 0500631280 d=6a paste is very important. Sorting is to loosen, rush and bundle the prepared Book stickers. A certain number of book stickers are placed on the binding machine. The two ends of each bundle of book stickers are made of hardwood boards as the pad. The size of the pad should be consistent with the size of the book stickers. Shipping activities in Southeast Asia are cold. Start the binding machine, compact the loose Book stickers, and then bind them with ropes, In order to make the back rigid and solid after compaction provides users with a full set of testing equipment, after compaction and binding, use polyvinyl alcohol glue to brush the bound book back thinly. After the brushed polyvinyl alcohol glue is dry, loosen the binding rope, and then sort out and separate each book, and then turn to binding

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